If you have an idea, a business, a project you want funded, a product you'd like to sell, a message your want to get across, just about anything, the best avenue is by telling your story. Why? Beause giving people lists of information is boring and uneffective. But telling peope a story, especially your story that comes from your personal experience, form your heart and mind rings true. It is the most powerful form expression we have. Your parents told you bedtime stories; your friends and family told stories around the campfire; people tell small stories every day. If you want to make people think, first you have to reach them. And the way to reach them is by giving them a part of yourself. They can relate to this. But your story doesn't have to be only in words. You can share images with music and sound, thought, perspective, emotions, the stuff that makes up our consciousness. When you tell your story you will be effective, engaging and clear.

Let me tell your story.

-Adad Warda

Your Video Stories was started by Adad Warda, a graduate of San Francisco State with a major in Film and a minor in Spanish. He has been working professionally since 2005 and has written, directed and produced video stories in over 15 countries around the world.



Located in both San Francisco, California, USA & Prague, Czech Republic.